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Interactive tools to engage and inspire young people

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How does Careers Menu help my school to deliver independent and impartial advice to our students?

From September 2012 schools became responsible for delivering independent and impartial advice and accountable for the progression of their learners at 16 and 18. The resources provided by Careers Menu offer your students access to independent and impartial careers guidance.


Q. How can the use of on-line technology help me to deliver our careers guidance programme?

It is clear that young people are increasingly using the web and new technology to access information. When used as part of a blended delivery model, on-line careers guidance solutions provide young people with ideas for further exploration and motivate an individual to progress. They empower young people to plan and manage their futures, to take greater ownership of their career planning from as early as KS2.

The use of this technology can help you to develop a more efficient and cost-effective approach to delivering careers guidance. As part of a blended delivery model, the resources can help you to make more effective use of valuable adviser time. When an adviser is faced with a student who has no idea about their future, is unaware of their strengths and reluctant to discuss their interests, it can be very time-consuming for the adviser to elicit any information from the student.

On-line resources are also accessible 24/7 and can be used both in and outside school/college.


Q. Does the Careers Menu solution replace the need for face-to-face guidance from trained professionals?

Careers Menu provides schools/colleges, young people and their families with access to the latest information about courses, jobs and finances so that progression planning can begin at an earlier stage. It is intended to support face-to-face guidance and help to make it more effective and productive. All the evidence suggests that the blend of external careers advice and a well-resourced careers programme in school/college provides the best outcomes for young people.

Q. Are the sites kept up-to-date?

We update the sites regularly and always welcome your suggestions about what should go on them. We also welcome the opportunity to come into schools and colleges to see the site being used by young people and find out whether it is as user-friendly as it should be.


Q. What about access to computers?

The ratio of computers to students varies from school to school. Planning access is therefore important. An increasingly common approach is for schools to use their ICT staff to deliver the initial set up to ensure all students have technical access.

Q. Which version of Flash Player do I need?

You will need version 9.0. 124 or above

Q. How do I update my version of Flash Player?

The latest version is available from

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